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Beautifully Designed Choices

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Beautifully Designed Choices

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Imagine a world inspired by beauty, empowered by choice and lead by sustainability. We did. 


Winter Special - All stock half price

VersaTiles wishes to introduce you to PHOMI tiles, a stylish, innovative and eco-friendly tile solution for your indoor and outdoor spaces.

We wanted beautiful, sustainable and highly functional tiles that were created in an environmentally respectful way. So that is what we found in PHOMI, the natural choice.

PHOMI uses MCM (Modified Clay Material) technology to create decorative tile finishes which give realistic impressions of stone, wood and brick. Made from Mother Earth with acrylic added as a binding agent, these tiles will not only add beauty to your space but give you peace of mind with their light carbon footprint in both production and recycling.

Already established in markets around the world including Europe, Canada, Singapore and China, PHOMI tiles are the perfect solution to beautifying architectural spaces, indoor and outdoor, residential or commercial, while being the first choice in sustainability.

PHOMI transforms spaces. Transform your space today with PHOMI.

Versa Tiles wants to provide you the freedom to craft your space creatively, stylishly and sustainably.

Express yourself with PHOMI. The natural choice.

Our Story

What started with the urge to create beautiful, sustainable spaces grew into a passion for innovation and supplying new options to New Zealand designers. VersaTiles was created with the vision of sharing groundbreaking new tile products for the first time ever in this beautiful country. We are driven by passion, grounded by respect for the planet and so very excited to share our tile discoveries with you!

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Our values


We believe that the act of creating something beautiful adds value to the world. So with each of our hand-selected products, we keep the aesthetic that it will ultimately contribute to in mind


We believe very strongly that distance should not define options. So we have cast our net wide to find some of the most innovative and interesting developments in the world of tiles, and brought them back to our beloved Aotearoa


We believe that, as people of this stunning land, we have a responsibility to treat it with respect. So we have sourced products that have a lighter production footprint, create healthier living spaces and are environmentally kind when recycled


Our Porcelain Range

    Clearance Sale! Just $19 p/sq/m. Call us to view our range. Ten beautiful styles to choose from. Concretes, neutrals, cararras, terrazos, industrial and much more. Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

    This handpicked, stunning collection of 600x600mm porcelain tiles is brought to you from our highest quality suppliers at prices you’ll love. The collection aligns with our values of beauty, choice and environment perfectly. We know that you will fall in love with this classically chic tile ensemble.

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