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Bring life to your garden, pathway, or outdoor area

Paving tiles are a great way to add character, luxury, and elegance to any outdoor area. Add style and character to your garden, driveway, footpath or patio with our amazing PHOMI tiles.

Our signature brand Phomi is a great choice for outdoor paving and decoration. The tiles are made of high-quality modified clay which allows for durability, strength and reliability. Not to mention, they look great!


Protection against the elements

When you're choosing paving tiles, it is important that you pick a brand that's capable of withstanding the entire spectrum of elements and weather conditions. 

Phomi tiles are designed with durability in mind. The Phomi clay is designed using high-quality materials which protect the paving tiles against extreme heat, rain, hail and frost. This means that you can count on these paving tiles to look just like new after years, regardless of extreme weather conditions.

Phomi tiles are also high-impact resistant and shock-resistant. This means they won't be damaged from cars, tools, blunt objects or heavy outdoor equipment.

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