Fireplace  Tiles in Hamilton

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Tiles for your Fireplace

Add the character and luxury of a stone look to your fireplace with PHOMI tiles. Our tiles mimic premier stones from travertine and slate to sandstone and schist. You can get the natural stone look without the natural stone price tag. Our PHOMI tiles will transform your old fireplace with ease or add sophistication to your new gas fire installation. 

Bring life into your living area with the natural elegance of stone look PHOMI tiles.

Heat Resistant Tiles

PHOMI tiles are made from special heat-resistant MCM (Modified Clay Material) technology making them durable and able to withstand prolonged exposure to heat. PHOMI tiles are made primarily from clay, delivering an environmentally friendly, natural and organic final product.

PHOMI products have been tested by AWTA Product Testing in accordance with AS/NZS 3837-1998 fire safety standards.

Stabilising Temperature and Humidity

PHOMI's MCM technology (Modified Clay Material) has incredible properties - It can absorb and release moisture from the indoor air to stabilise humidity inside rooms. This prevents mold, stabilises temperature, and captures warmth, providing a cozy and healthy living environment.

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